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28th March 2023. The flight of the Italian Air Force, which began in 1923, reaches the prestigious milestone of 100 years: a century of history since the Royal Italian Air Force was established as a independent armed force.

On the occasion of this important anniversary, the project “Celebrative t-shirts” was born. A tribute to the traditions, values and memory of the men and women who have contributed to writing this glorious story and have overcome their limits by facing unimaginable challenges.

Four special edition t-shirts, each of which represents a fundamental element of the history of the Italian military aviation: the symbols of the institutional coat of arms, the great feats of the Italian Air Force, the world of the Frecce Tricolori and historic aircraft. In order to make the project even more exclusive, a customized box characterized by the Centenary’s official logo and a card that illustrates the printed graphic has been created.



The first of the four special edition t-shirts is dedicated to the institutional coat of arms of the Italian Air Force. Surmounted by the iconic turreted eagle, it contains the badges of four squadrons which stood out for their skill, courage and heroism during the First World War. This t-shirt celebrates the 87th Airplane Squadron, officially established on 2 February 1918 on the Campo di Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) and baptized “La Serenissima" in homage to the Republic of Venice. The Squadron, which took part in both the First and Second World War, was the protagonist of one of the most significant episodes in the history of Italian military aviation: the flight over Vienna.



The second t-shirt of this special project pays homage to the world of the Frecce Tricolori, in particular to the "Cavallino Rampante" Acrobatic Patrol of the 4th Stormo, established in 1952-53. The traditions of the 4th Stormo are the oldest of the Italian hunting line, born with the splendid victories of Francesco Baracca. The symbol of the Cavallino comes from him and it still today distinguishes the department. The pilots of the 4th Stormo were the original nucleus around which the Frecce Tricolori were formed on 1 March 1961.



The third of the four special edition t-shirts celebrates the great feats of the Italian Air Force accomplished with the SIAI Savoia-Marchetti S.79 "Sparviero" aircraft, a multi-purpose low-wing three-engine aircraft, initially designed as a fast civil transport airplane. Between 1937 and 1939 it set 26 world records and was, for a time, the fastest bomber in the world. It was also used by the 205th Bombardment Squadron "Sorci Verdi" to carry out the Istres–Damascus–Paris air race and the Rome–Dakar–Rio de Janeiro transatlantic flight, two feats that remained in the history of aviation.


"aermacchi mb 326" CELEBRATIVE T-SHIRT

The fourth celebrative t-shirt is dedicated to the historic Aermacchi MB.326 aircraft, the first military jet airplane designed and manufactured by the Italian aviation industry, born from the mind of Ermanno Bazzocchi, one of the most brilliant Italian aeronautical engineers. Purchased by more than 10 countries and manufactured under license in Australia, Brazil and South Africa, it also represents the biggest commercial success thanks to its aerodynamic efficiency, good flight performance, relative simplicity of construction and easy maintenance.