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Dynamism, practicality, and comfort design in a new modern and streetwear preview.
A contemporary interpretation that guarantees high performance for the Preview of the Spring Summer 2023 collection, designed by the Aeronautica Militare stylists to be declined in young garments suitable for celebrating the 61st Wing of the Italian Air Force.
To present this collection characterized by minimal and impactful graphics linked to the 61st Wing’s flight school, an outstanding Brand Ambassador arrives, who flies high on beach volleyball courts all over the world.
Enrico Rossi tells his story that intertwines, with naturalness and pride, with the Italian Air Force Sports Center’s one, where he started his journey in 2021.



Enrico's story is full of inspiration, enthusiasm, and hope; after a whole life on the soccer field, he landed by chance on the scorching sand of Cesenatico, between a game with friends and a dip in the sea.

At the age of 19 Enrico begun his career as an athlete until the achievement of important goals and the qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Determination, commitment, and constancy; these are the main points for making dreams come true and just like for Enrico, these are the values of the pilots of the 61st Wing flight school who, day after day, work to obtain the "Fighter Track" Military Pilot License.