Due to Brexit regulations we are currently unable to accept orders under €160, shipping cost excluded
The payment of duties and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver
Guaranteed delivery by Christmas for orders placed by December 15th at 12:00 am

Methods of Payment


Using PayPal as an alternative to the credit card is simple. PayPal does not require financial and/or personal information to be shared at every purchase. To pay with PayPal, all you need to do is create an account, confirm your e-mail address and add a payment method to the account itself.


Credit card

Select Credit Card as a payment method and pay with all those cards showing logos such as Visa, MasterCard and so on.
You will be redirected to the PayPal page to complete the secure payment with your credit card.
AERONAUTICAMILITAREOFFICIALSTORE.IT also accepts prepaid credit cards.


Bank Transfer

AERONAUTICAMILITAREOFFICIALSTORE.IT accepts Bank Transfers as an alternative payment method.
You will find the bank details for payment on the check-out page.
It is important that your order number is written in the bank transfer reason.
We will ship your order when the transfer will have reached our bank account.
We remind our customers that, should the bank transfer not be credited to our account within 4 (four) business days (Italy) or 8 (eight) business days (foreign countries), AERONAUTICAMILITAREOFFICIALSTORE.IT will reserve the right to cancel the order.

 Bank Information: 

IBAN: IT14P0306960796100000004700


BANK: Banca Intesa 

Cash on delivery (Italy only)

AERONAUTICAMILITAREOFFICIALSTORE.IT also accepts COD payments, the fixed cost of which is 13.00 EURO, only for orders not exceeding 2999.99 EURO.
Please also remember that the UPS courier will only deliver the goods after collecting the exact amount of money in cash: the delivery person does not have the change, so, if the exact amount is not available, the delivery will not be successful. 

Cheques will not be accepted.

In case a COD order does not succeed for reasons attributable to the customer, AERONAUTICAMILITAREOFFICIALSTORE.IT reserves the right not to accept future orders with the same payment method.